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    24" Topping/Underlayment Squeegee - Threaded Handle

    Item: 78601
    Midwest Rake 24" Topping/Underlayment Squeegee
    with 3" Round Edge Rubber Blade
    Threaded Handle Adapter

    Lightweight U-Crack Filler Squeegee

    Item: 46002
    Midwest Rake lightweight u-crack filler squeegee
    1-1/4" tall neoprene rubber blade
    2-1/2" inside cavity
    Replaceable blade (SP50121)
    Uses a tapered wood handle

    Push/Pull V-Crack Filler Squeegee

    Item: 46005
    Midwest Rake push/pull v-crack filler squeegee
    1/4" x 2" neoprene rubber blade
    70°, 2" tall v-shaped cavity
    Replaceable blade (SP50122)
    Uses a tapered wood handle

    8" Hand-Held Squeegee Frame

    Item: 78108
    Midwest Rake 8" Hand-Held Squeegee Frame

    Hand-Held Squeegee, 1-1/2" Square Edge Blade

    Item: 78709
    Midwest Rake Hand-Held Squeegee
    1-1/2" Square Edge Blade

    Hand-Held Squeegee, 3" Tapered Round Edge Blade

    Item: 78708
    Midwest Rake Hand-Held Squeegee
    3" Tapered Round Edge Blade


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