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    2017 Seymour Midwest Partner Resource Guide
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    THE DIFFERENCE IS REAL™! Seymour Midwest’s refreshed 2017 Partner Resource Guide has comprehensive information on our ever-expanding product line. We believe that simple always wins and as such have worked diligently to create a Partner Resource Guide that is both intuitive and simple to navigate. There’s a reason we don’t look like other companies in our category – we still offer more tools for more specialty applications and markets.


    Striking Tool Cover

    2018 Seymour Midwest Striking Tool Catalog
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    All new for 2018 is the Seymour Striking Tool product line including a comprehensive offering of: Hammers & Sledges, Axes & Mauls, Picks & Mattocks and Bars / Wedges & Tampers. Fifth Generation NXT Fiberglass brings a whole new level of innovation and differentiation to the Striking Tool category. Our Striking Tool catalog is organized in a simple-to-follow grid format and the complete product assortment aligns with our new Brand Hierarchy: Seymour S500 Industrial™ and Seymour S400 Jobsite™. The Difference is Real™!


    Midwest Rake 2018 Coating and Decorative Concrete Product Catalog
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    Seymour Midwest is a recognized leader in specialized tools for the floor and surface coating markets and for installation of decorative concrete and concrete overlays. Our comprehensive catalog introduces our full range of solutions. 

    2018 Branding Initiative & Feature Benefit Flyer
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